VOX The High Cost of Free Parking
Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator.

Gridlock demystified. Produced in collaboration with Mobility Lab and Vox.com, this video spotlights regulations that bottleneck efficient urban planning in American communities. Professor Donald Shoup of UCLA takes the driver seat for this tour of free parking from the early 20th century and onward into the future.
Produced in coordination with Astro Motion Picture.
The High Cost of Free Parking
Full Episode
ERT: 6:30
Design & Animation
Below are some selected stills developed in the Vox explainer style.​​​​​​​
Client: Mobility Lab, Vox
Director: Will Chilton
Art Direction: Fabian Tejada
Animation: Fabian Tejada
Sound Design: Colin Yarck
Policy Advisor: Baird Bream
Camera Crew: Eric Ugland, Jeremy Peele, Broderick Engelhard

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