The Dewey Decimal System of Death
Role: Design, Motion Design, Animation, Data Visualization

A self-professed data nerd, Thomas Hargrove believes everything around us is following a mathematical formula...including murder. Hargrove wanted to find a way to use data to solve cold cases and identify potential serial killers that have gone unnoticed. Armed with public homicide records, he created an algorithm that can spot similar patterns across different cases. Each cluster is given an unique identifier -- what he calls a “Dewey Decimal System of death.”

Through the Murder Accountability Project, Hargrove releases the data to the public and partners with local law enforcement to consult on ongoing investigations.
Can an Algorithm Catch a Serial Killer?
Full Episode
ERT: 5:30 min
Can an Algorithm Catch a Serial Killer?
Animation Excerpt
ERT: 32 sec
Excerpt from "The Dewey decimal System of Death" showcasing how an algorithm developed by Thomas Hargrove, can be used to locate patterns in data to identify a serial killer.
Data Sequence & Maps
Final transition from live action interview with Thomas Hargrove into his dewey decimal algorithm and maps to visualize actual data compiled from the FBI database. Trapcode Form and Plexus where used for the Algorithm sequence. GeoLayers was used for the maps and Data Visualization.
Mathematical Patterns
Visualizing patterns, equations found in nature.  This graphic was tracked and comped over actual footage in the episode.
Sequence & Maps
Nightmode version, did not make the final cut. 
Production: Freethink Media
Project: The Dewey decimal System of Death
Featuring: Thomas Hargrove, Director, the Murder Accountability Project
Director: Matt Fridg
Executive Producers: Chandler Tuttle, Brandon Stewart, Elliot Kotek
Producers: Robert Chapman Smith, Laura Howd
DP: Jeremy McDaniel, Dustin Oakley
Editor: Lucas Abel
Post Production Supervisors: Isis Garcia, Seth Goldin
Motion Graphics: Fabian Tejada
Color: Jeremy McDaniel
Sound Design & Mix: Defacto Sound

2018 AIGA 50 - Can an Algorithm Catch a Serial Killer? - Winner

2018 TIVA DC Peer Awards Bronze - Can an Algorithm Catch a Serial Killer? - Winner

2018 The Telly Awards Silver - Can an Algorithm Catch a Serial Killer? - Winner

2017 Emmy - Can an Algorithm Catch a Serial Killer? - Nomination​​​​​​​

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