SCL — The Word
Role: Design & Animation
Produced for the Sustainable Culture Lab. 
The Word — Every Sunday we will share with you a word and its story to help empower and enlighten your week ahead.

Sustainable Culture Lab is a cultural think tank committed to combatting and raising awareness of ethnocide -- the killing of culture, while keeping the people -- and the fostering of Eǔtopian spaces.
ERT: 10 sec
Definition of Eǔtopia: In greek the prefix “EU” means “GOOD” and “TOPIA” means “PLACE.” EǓTOPIA means “GOOD PLACE.” EU is pronounced as “EV.” EǓTOPIA is pronounced as “EV-TOPIA.”
“Eǔtopia is the antithesis of ethnocide”
ERT: 18 sec
Definition of Ethnocide: the destruction of the culture and identity of a group without the physical destruction of its people.
ERT: 18 sec
Definition of Freecano: Cultural identifier for African Diaspora people in the Americas that embodies our perpetual fight for freedom and liberation from ethnocidal oppression.
ERT: 14 sec
Aufheben may be the most simple, yet the most complex word you have never heard of, and it is a word we all must know. Aufheben is a German word that has no adequate English translation, yet we engage in aufheben each and every day. At first glance, aufheben appears to be a contradiction, and it is easy to conclude that a word cannot include opposing definitions. However, after further examination, the word becomes clear and one can easily see how these apparent contradictions exude the beauty of the word and even existence itself.
Client: Sustainable Culture Lab
Philosopher-In-Chief: Barrett Holmes Pitner
Director of Culture & Art: Jackie Byun
Chief Storyteller: Bakari Ibrahim

Art Director: Fabian Tejada
Motion Design: Fabian Tejada

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