PEW — Trust In America
Role: Motion Design

Trust in American institutions is essential to the functioning of U.S. democracy. Yet today, many feel that trust is declining. So what impact does this have on American society?
We explore that question in our new five-part animated video series. Each short video brings together the Center’s key findings about trust in the news media, elections, police, scientists, and the economy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Crafting Trust: 
The Art & Science Behind  'Trust in America'

Navigating the dynamic intersection of robust research and artful storytelling, the 5-episode series "Trust in America" emerges as a paragon of informative design. With Kim Arias from PEW at the helm, charting the course for visual narrative and precise data portrayal, the collaboration truly shines. De Los Angeles Studio, with its mastery over motion graphics, orchestrates a screen dance, weaving in insights seamlessly and intuitively. This endeavor wasn't just about animation—it was a thoughtful merger of rigorous academic findings with vivid, metaphor-laden visuals. The result? A series that not only informs but also captivates, resonating with viewers in a way that only such harmonious collaborations can.
Check out the Trust in America Series:
PEW — Trust in America (GFX Supercut)
ERT: 45 sec
Title Cards
Series Intro
Client: PEW Research Center
Creative Direction: Kim Arias
Producer: Kim Arias, Shannon Greenwood
Story Editor: Kim Arias, Shannon Greenwood
Researchers: Jocelyn Kiley, Kim Parker, Cary Funk, Alec Tyson, Katerina Eva Matsa, Lee Rainie, Hannah Hartig, Bradley Jones, Ruth Igielnik, Rakesh Kochhar.
Editor: Kim Arias
Motion Design: Fabian Tejada
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