PBS News Hour — Searching For Justice
Role: Motion Design, Compositing

PBS NewsHour exposes the real-life struggles facing formerly incarcerated Americans as they reenter their communities. Collaborating with PBS NewsHour Creative Director Kojo Boateng and Illustrator Kagan Mcleod, we developed a series of visuals to advance the story told by former inmates.
Searching For Justice — Graphics Supercut 
ERT: 45 Sec
Select scenes​​​​​​​
Production: NewsHour Productions LLC
Host: Amna Nawaz
Producers: Frank N. Carlson, Mike Fritz
Sr Producers: Talesha Reynolds, Emily Carpeaux, Richard Coolidge
Editors: Frank N. Carlson, Mike Fritz, Emily Carpeaux
Creative Director: Kojo Boateng
Illustrator: Kagan McLeod
Motion Designer: Fabian Tejada
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