PBS NewsHour: Beyond The Canvas
Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator.

A new half-hour program showcases some of the nation’s leading cultural creators -- musicians, playwrights, comedians, costume designers, among many others -- who show us how they turn their visions of the world into art.​​​​​​​
Creative Director Kojo Boateng and the team at PBS NewsHour reached out to develop a refresh of the NewsHour Canvas segment. The team wanted to skew for younger viewership by developing a fresher style separate from PBS NewsHour.
PBS Beyond The Canvas
Show Title
ERT: 10 sec
Logo Exploration
For the brief the following question was posed, to start the creative dialogue. What do we want them to think and feel when they see this communication? 
Think: smart, creative, boundless 
Feel: warm, intimate, personal
Look Development
This section showcases sketches of the logo treatment before the final. Think of these as a visual discovery for the Canvas logo.
Early camera angles staging the Canvas logo in 3D with lights & shadows.
Motion Tests​​​​​​​
On-Screen Graphics
Designed & animated various on-screen graphics for the show.
Client: PBS NewsHour
Executive in Charge of Production: James Blue
Host: Amna Nawaz
Creative Director: Kojo Boateng
Art Director: Fabian Tejada​​​​​​​
Motion Designer: Fabian Tejada​​​​​​​

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