Nike — One time only
Role: Lead animator, compositor

Quote from HunterGatherer...
Created for Nike's One Time Only release. One Time Only is the combination of vintage silhouettes with Nike's 360 outsole, a hybrid design based on old and new concepts that have been fused together, and released 'one time only'.
The narrative is told through graphic, decoupage animations that abstractly explain the story of their creation.
My role in this series was to bring a spark of life into the illustrations developed by Todd St. John and Gary Benzel the Co-Directors. Along with Chris Gereg & Phil Pinto we delved into the alternate universe proposed by this evolution and mutation story.​​​​​​​
Part 1 — One time only
ERT: 1 min
Part 2 — One time only
ERT: 1 min
Part 3 — One time only
ERT: 1 min
Stills from the series
Stills from end tag sequence
Client: Nike
Production: HunterGatherer
Director: Todd St. John
Producer: Nina Goldberg
Design & Illustration: Todd St. John, Gary Benzel
Compositing & Animation: Fabian Tejada, Chris Gereg
Phil Pinto: Additional Animation, Construction.

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