MIGA — Products Explained
Role: Art Direction, Designer, Editor, Animator

Multilateral investment agencies are organizations that provide financial and technical assistance to developing countries. They aim to promote economic development and reduce poverty by supporting the creation of businesses and infrastructure projects in these countries. One way that these agencies can support investment in developing countries is by providing guarantees to investors.
The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is a member of the World Bank Group. MIGA's mandate is to promote cross-border investment in developing countries by providing guarantees (political risk insurance & credit enhancement) to investors and lenders.
Recruited by MIGA as a creative partner to develop animated explainers for all five products.
MIGA — Products Explained Supercut
ERT: 60 sec
Overall, multilateral investment agency guarantees can be a valuable tool for attracting investment to developing countries and promoting economic development. They can help to reduce the risk for investors and make it more attractive to invest in these countries, which can help to create jobs, improve infrastructure, and reduce poverty.
The following stills represent the various product offerings by MIGA.
MIGA — Breach of Contract
ERT: 100 sec
MIGA — Currency Inconvertibility & Transfer Restriction
ERT: 120 sec
MIGA — Expropriation
ERT: 140 sec
MIGA — War & Civil Disturbance
ERT: 140 sec
MIGA — Non-Honoring of Financial Obligations
ERT: 135 sec
Select scenes
The following scenes showcase a sampling of all the design, layout, and animation developed for the explainer series.
Client: MIGA
Executive Creative Director: Gus Soudah
Director: Fabian Tejada
Design: Fabian Tejada, Chris Linea
Animation: Fabian Tejada
Sound Design: Steve Souryal
VO: Petra Vermeule

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