L’Alliance New York — Branding
Role: Motion Design, Animation, Tracking, Editor

L’Alliance New York is the home for all things French in NYC and beyond. Offering immersive French language classes and a wide range of multi-disciplinary programming, the independent non-profit organization celebrates the diversity of francophone cultures and creativity around the world.
Pentagram has designed a new brand identity framework for L’Alliance that highlights its dynamic and welcoming spirit. Expressive typography and an apostrophe brand mark nod to the institution’s engaging approach to language. The new look accompanies a new name for the organization, which was previously known as the French Institute Alliance Française, or FIAF.
I was approached by Pentagram Partner Eddie Opara from the New York office to develop animations for the L’Alliance New York branding system.
L’Alliance New York — Title Sequence
ERT: 15 Sec
L’Alliance New York — CinéSalon Trailer  
ERT: 10 Sec
L’Alliance New York — Logo Animation
ERT: 10 Sec
Excerpt composites from the title sequence
New York Animation
Client: L’Alliance New York
Design Studio: Pentagram NYC
Partner & ECD: Eddie Opara
Project Team: Jack Collins, Ruben Gijselhart, Nick Tallent, Ruairi Walsh, Cristina Giménez
Edit & Sound Design: Fabian Tejada
Motion Design: Fabian Tejada
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