IWF The Weekly Rundown
Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator
About IWF:
Independent Women's Forum is an educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well-intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. We work every day to engage and inform women and create a community to discuss how policy issues – including paid leave, health care, taxes, energy, minimum wage, and education – impact them and their families. 
Director 6ix Shoota and Communications Director at IWF Elizabeth Tew reached out, looking to develop a social media newscast graphics package. The name of the newscast  "The Weekly Rundown" hosted by Elizabeth Tew, and it required a graphics system that would work for both Youtube and IGTV.
The following are examples of the graphics developed for "The Weekly Rundown"
Final IGTV Intro Sequence

These images represent the final IGTV "The Weekly Rundown" sequence. 
Depicted here is Elizabeth Tew, the host.
Moodboard Exploration

Curated a moodboard on Savee.it with a wide range of examples of kinetic typography, type deconstruction and minimal colors.
Design Development

Referencing the moodboard, I proceeded to develop visual landscapes using typography.
Depicting space and physicality with minimal use of colors. 
Logo Development

Examples showcasing the final logo, its behavior and environment.
Typographic Backgrounds

Backgrounds created using keywords and and full name of the show. Type was used to create a visual landscape to serve as a backdrop for information and footage.
Intro YouTube & IGTV
​​​​​​​ERT: 15 sec
Youtube Format
IGTV Format
Outro YouTube & IGTV
ERT: 6 sec

Youtube Format
IGTV Format

Client: IWF
Communications Manager: Elizabeth Tew
Production: Forever Media
Executive Producer: 6ix Shoota
Art Direction: Fabian Tejada
Animation: Fabian Tejada
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