Hyundai — It's time to invent
Role: Art Direction, Motion Design

Innovation is the driving force behind progress, and the work being done in South Korea and by Hyundai is important to moving the world forward. In partnership with Bloomberg Media, Hyundai’s leadership continues to shine in a new four-part series exploring the automaker’s approach to innovation.
Recruited by the Bloomberg Media to develop the motion design for all 4 episodes.​​​​​
Investing in Ideas 
Episode 1
ERT: 60 sec
Safety with everyone in mind
Episode 2
ERT: 60 sec
Rising Above Traffic Congestion
Episode 3
ERT: 60 sec
Clean Cars That Cater to Individual Lifestyles
Episode 4
ERT: 60 sec
Motion Tests
This section showcases early sketches for the treatment of the following on-screen elements: Typography, transitions, maps, infographics.
Graphic Excerpts
A look at the graphics developed per episode. These range from: Maps, Tracking UI, 3D models, text animation, lower 3rds and transitions.
Client: Hyundai
Bloomberg Media Team
Executive Producer: Dylan Fergus
Executive Creative Director: David Rodriguez
Creative Lead: Christian Corser
Head of Video Creative: Alex Israel
Design Director: Lucas Roy
Nomad Edit Co.
Producer: Kelly Mackey
Lead Editors: Jai Shukla, Jonathan King
Assistant Editors: Kallie Billadeau, Adira Baum
Motion Design: Fabian Tejada
Graphics Template Authoring: Fabian Tejada

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