Google — GFiber
Role: Design, Motion Design, Tracking, Screen Replacements, End Tags

Google Fiber tells the story of the possibilities of High-Speed internet. Directed by Tronic, the sleek campaign spotlights everyday people who have made the switch to GFiber.

Director Antonio "Tronic" McDonald enlisted De Los Angeles Studio to develop the on-screen graphics and animation for the GFiber campaign.
No Hidden Fees
ERT: 15 Sec
Same Pricing Since 2012
ERT: 15 Sec
Customer Service You Like
ERT: 15 Sec
Fiber Has 99.9% Reliable Connection
ERT: 15 Sec
Google Fiber is in Mesa
ERT: 15 Sec
Select scenes
The following scenes showcase a sampling of the on-screen graphics developed. 
The branded design elements provided by the Google team and KUAMP were incorporated into footage by animating in Adobe After Effects.
The original end tag animation developed by Brand New School, my task was to customize, retime and version the end tag for a number of products and services promoted in the campaign.
Client: GFiber (Alphabet) 
Agency: KUAMP 
Production: KUAMP 
CCO / EP / Director: Antonio "Tronic" McDonald 
Producer: Shelley Cheung 
Editor: Theodora Johnson 
Colorist: Colin Travers 
Motion Graphics: Fabian Tejada
Flame Artist: Inti Martinez 
Sound Mix: John Terelle

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