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Services: Content Development, Digital Media, Experience Design​​​​​​​
The Mississippi Grammy Museum 
opened its doors to the public on March 5, 2016. Due to budgetary constraints, an interactive map was never realized at the time. Soon after the grand opening an initiative to enhance the Mississippi Gallery with an interactive map to highlight the hometowns of MS-born musicians and recording artists was started. It was based on the MS Blues Trail & Country Music Trail mobile app and signage markers which encourage visitation to these sites.
The following image represents the original map in the main gallery.
Form & Function
To enable visitors to locate Mississippi’s homegrown, GRAMMY-winning artists through a self-guided, intuitive map exploration that highlights their local origins with their musical greatness.​​​​​​​
Early style frames showcasing the Mississippi region in context with North America.
The Interactive Map
The following stills showcase the Interactive Map in its final form. Starting from the left the user selects from a menu of 5 regions. Once the region is selected a list of Artists from the region appears on the screen for the user to select. Each artist selection invokes stats of the artists (Biography, Grammy awards, location, photographs).
Media by Design

This interactive media program is designed for single-user navigation.

The content architecture will follow the existing map organization by the five (5) GRAMMY award categories.

Navigation will enable visitors to search by GRAMMY award category as well as by artists’ name.

Content for each data return will be provided by the GRAMMY Museum, including artist photos, album artwork, and curated text.

This interactive program will NOT feature music or audio files, to avoid conflict/redundancy with the music table and music bar.

An early prototype developed by Mark Preston on Adobe XD
Style & Substance
To artfully convey a sense of place to underscore Mississippi’s deep-rooted, musical heritage and to reinforce visitor impressions of the state’s candid claim as the “Birthplace of American Music.”

3D flag exploration showcasing Mississippi's newly adopted flag. It features a white magnolia blossom and the words "In God We Trust".
Artists — Top 5
An attract loop was designed to highlight each of the 5 regions while the screen is on idle mode. The loop features photographs from each region and top 5 artists.
Attract Loop
Press & Publications
Delta News coverage state and local representatives in Mississippi at the unveiling of the new Interactive Map.
Client: Grammy Museum Mississippi 
Senior Producer: Michael Buday 
Lead Researcher & Copywriter: Michael Buday 
Art Director: Fabian Tejada
Designers: Mark Preston, Fabian Tejada
UX Design & Prototype: Mark Preston
Motion Design: Fabian Tejada
Software Development: Mind Over Data 
Managing Partner: Tom Kirstein
Application Developer: Paul Turner
Hardware & Installation: MODE Systems
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