Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum & Library
Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator
At the core of the Museum is the permanent exhibit, which allows visitors to experience highlights from President and Mrs. Ford's lives. The exhibit teaches democratic citizenship and allows for quiet reflection. In addition to the permanent exhibits, changing temporary exhibits draws artifacts from Museums all over the country.
The Ford Museum opened to the public in September 1981 and is part of the Presidential libraries system of the National Archives and Records Administration, a Federal agency.
The Museum re-opened in 2016 after a 13 million-dollar renovation, which now includes a learning center.
Gallagher & Associates contracted us to develop graphics and animation for the video portions of the permanent installations on Gerald Ford's life and Legacy.​​​​​​​
Theater Layout
Gerald R. Ford Museum Theater layout, where the films get projected for the museum visitors.
Title Sequences
Gerald R Ford Museum - Intro title sequence
Admission of Guilt

Historical Quotes
Archival Sequences
Designed & animated archival images into moving compositions for the documentary content.
Photos & Filmstrip
Deck Shot
 USS Monterey Carrier Deck reconstruction using archival images into moving compositions.
Historical Maps
Designed & animated trajectory of Typhoon Cobra
Client: The Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum & Library - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Planning and Design: Gallagher & Associates
Senior Producer: Michael Buday
Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator, Motion Graphics
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