Discovery Plus — Sugartown Trailer
Role: Title Cards, Motion Design, Compositing

The case of the “Houdini Handcuff” murder in New Iberia, Louisiana.
Sugartown chronicles the story of Reverend Victor White and his family's search for justice in New Iberia, Louisiana. As the White family investigates, the truth becomes far more unsettling than any tragedy revealing a much larger story.
This project was produced during my time as Staff Art Director at Alter Ego Creates In Silver Spring Maryland.
Discovery Plus — Sugartown
ERT: 30 Sec
Sugartown — Breakdown
Visual Effects & Graphics
ERT: 10 Sec
Post-production breakdown of the compositing passes developed to achieve the final image. From Sky replacement, CGI flag animation, fire enhancement, and titles.
Client: Discovery Plus
Agency: AlterEgo
Creative Director: Heather Roymans
Associate Creative Director: Erica Kern
Art Director: Fabian Tejada
VFX / Compositing / Post: Fabian Tejada
Writer/Producer: Megan Gygax
Editor: Rory Sheridan, Nate Hoeft
Sound Design/Mix: Tyler Proctor
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