Should Democrats Nominate Jimmy Carter for 2020? 
Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator.
Democrats are still on the hunt for the perfect presidential candidate to beat Donald Trump. Someone with that elusive mix of progressive bona fides, mainstream appeal, and proven policy track record. But now Rob Montz is here with the perfect democratic candidate for 2020!
Director Rob Montz reached out for a collaboration for his latest topical piece. It was so provocative, it energized the creative. 
Carter 2020
Graphics Supercut
ERT: 14 sec

What's Jimmy Carter doing in 2020? | We The Internet TV
ERT: 4:00 min
Design & Development
How do you remember presidential campaigns? How do you remember them if you were born in the 70s? I distinctly recall massive amounts of patches and buttons scattered in the 80s. So here is my homage to accessories soon to be lost via social media.
Campaign Buttons
Campaign Patches
Skimmer Hat
Democrats 2020 Sequence​​​​​​​
Publisher: We the Internet TV
Director and Host: Rob Montz
Art Direction & Animation: Fabian Tejada
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