AMC — Did You Know?
Role: Art Direction, VFX, Motion Design

The American Maritime Congress is a research and educational organization dedicated to informing the public, the media, and our legislators in Washington on issues and policies affecting the U.S.-Flag merchant marine and the maritime industry.

Did You know? The series was launched to raise public & legislative awareness of current issues plaguing our national shipping industry. Ground Media enlisted me as a creative partner to add dynamic & informational graphics through the series.
The following are the 3 spots completed for the series.​​​​​​​
Did You Know? 
US vs. International Fleet
ERT: 15 Sec
Did You Know?
 US vs. International Cargo
ERT: 15 Sec
Did You Know?
Secure Environment
ERT: 15 Sec​​​​​​​
Client: American Maritime Congress
Agency: Ground Media
Creative Director: David Rochkind
Branding Director: AnnMarie Flamenco
Producers: Carolyn Barnwell, Maddison Hughes
Editor: Dan Fipphen 
Art Director: Fabian Tejada 
VFX & Animation: Fabian Tejada
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