What are Nestlé doing about plastic pollution? #PlasticMonster
Role: Visual Effects, Animation

Nestlé has created a #PlasticMonster. In 2018 Nestlé produced 1.7 million tons of plastic packaging last year— a 13% increase from the year before!

Greenpeace and its supporters around the world are calling on mega corporations like @Nestlé to stop polluting our planet with single-use plastic: www.greenpeace.org/write-to-nestle


I was enlisted by team at People's Television to realize Visual Effects shots for their 
Original Post on Facebook
People's Television Directors Cut
BTS production of #plasticmonster
Before & After Shots
The following before & after shots where requested to brand and place the interior and exterior locations. These helped create a set for our protagonist "Nestlé's Chief Plastics Officer"
Fictional Nestlé Headquarters signage
Branded Racquetball Court
Vending Machine slime extension
Nestlé products featured in the plastic slime puddle.
#PlasticMonster DataMosh transition

Developed a Datamosh transition to transport "Nestlé's Chief Plastics Officer" into the grasp of the #plasticmonster that was lurking inside Nestlé's Vending Machine.

This sequence employed a very useful plug Datamosh available thru AE Scripts
Break your videos and find the pixel wonderland. The only way to true Datamosh 
inside of After Effects.
Vending Machine "Chomp" Rig
Vending Machine "Digestion" Sequence
Vending Machine Final Sequence
Production company: People's Television
Executive Producer: Ryder Haske and Nicholas Bruckman
Director: Neil Solomon 
Producer: Ryder Haske and Lazslo Jaress
Director of Photography: Erin Collett
Art Director: Jack Renner
Editor: Nick Trenum 
Casting Director: Patrick Burnett
Colorist: Jene Curley
VFX & Animation: Fabian Tejada

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