Optimum Nutrition — Protein Explained
Role: Art Direction, Motion Design

A series of explainers produced by Glanbia Performance Nutrition for their Optimum Nutrition Brand.
No nutrient is more misunderstood than Protein. And it’s time to set the record straight. In Episode 1 we breakdown the role of proteins in the body and why it’s essential for healthy adults. Yup, even you.
Recruited by Optimum as a creative partner to develop this explainer for their series showcasing the science behind their nutrition products.
Protein Explained — Graphics Supercut
ERT: 42 Sec
Protein Explained — Full Episode
Episode 1
ERT: 4 min​​​​​​​
On Screen Graphics
Explainer Graphics
Client: Glanbia Performance Nutrition
Project Manager: Lindsay McMenamin
Digital Creative Director: Jeremy Galanes
Video Production Manager: Chris Bukowski
Art Director: Fabian Tejada
Motion Design: Fabian Tejada

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