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Role: Art Director, VFX, Motion Design

MissionGraph is an open architecture, data integration, enhancement, and exploration platform that powers massive-scale analysis customized by domain. We empower government agencies and businesses with faster time to action, improved technical agility, increased control over messy data landscapes, and advanced insights into complex questions.​​​​​​​
See The Big Picture
ERT: 60 Sec
Select scenes
The following scenes showcase a sampling of all the tools and techniques utilized to achieve each scene. Using Adobe After Effects each scene was 3D tracked, rotoscoped. The particles and geometry were accomplished using Trapcode Form, Mir, Tao & Particular. Finished the compositing with Red Giant VFX Supercomp and Looks.
Client: Deloitte
Design Firm: Throughline, Inc
Founder & CEO: Scott Williams
Director & Producer: Rob Shore
Editor: Matt Tanski
Art Director: Fabian Tejada
VFX: Fabian Tejada

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