Saving Grauer's Gorillas
Role: Art Direction, Motion Design
The Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE) Center is the only facility in the world that cares for orphaned Grauer's gorillas, a highly endangered and little known gorilla subspecies found only in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. GRACE's mission is to rehabilitate gorillas for potential reintroduction back into the wild and to work alongside local communities to promote the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of wild gorillas and their habitat.
Saving Grauer's Gorillas
ERT: 60 Sec
Selected Stills
Logo Animation
Strategy: Ground Media 
Production: Emic Films 
Director: Kohl Threlkeld 
DP: Kohl Threlkeld 
Editor: Jon Bougher 
Fabian Tejada: Art Direction, Motion Design

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